Erin's Law

Resources (PreK-5th)

Missouri was the second of 35 states to pass Erin’s Law in 2011 with revisions in 2014.  Through this legislation, the Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children created these recommendations: 

  • Age appropriate curriculum for students in preschool through fifth grade 
  • Education to parents and guardians on recognizing signs of abuse 
  • Actions a child victim can take to obtain assistance 
  • Increased awareness of the issues regarding the sexual abuse of children 

The Green Bear Program travels to schools throughout Southeast Missouri providing body safety education to children in prekindergarten through fifth grade.  In our 30 minute sessions, in which we utilize puppet shows, story books and fun books, we define child sexual abuse in a developmentally appropriate manner and discuss deterrent/prevention efforts children can utilize to attempt to prevent abuse from occurring and approaches children can take to disclose abuse.  For more information click here- The Green Bear Program. 

All programs created by The Green Bear Project are provided FREE of charge. 

Teaching Sheets

The following teaching sheets can help counselors and teachers start to have conversations around a number of issues that children may face related to abuse. Topics include bullying, loneliness, empathy, anger, self-esteem, coping, conflict, and others.

These teaching sheets have been reviewed by a school counselor, SEMO-NASV staff, and a local therapist.