Welcome to the Virtual Green Bear Program FAQ

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and have provided as detailed answers for each. If you have a question not listed here, please email Leasa.

I downloaded the Green Bear Nearpod Links last year. Do I need to sign up again?

Yes. We are always striving to improve our programs through routine updates. The links you added to your Nearpod library last year need to be deleted and new links need to be requested here. The new modules contain more videos, games, and more!

What if parent(s) want to preview the program from home?

Once you add the Green Bear modules to your Nearpod library, you can create preview links to send to the parents. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Hover over the module you wish to share and click the three dots:
  2. Next, choose “Share with Teachers”
  3. Finally, click the “Copy” button next to the “Preview Only” link and share that with your parents:

What are the options for presenting the Nearpod modules?

Nearpod offers three primary ways to present your modules:

  1. Live Participation
  2. Live Participation with Zoom
  3. Student Paced
Live Participation

Live Participation is an interactive way for the teacher to lead the presentation in front of a live group of students. Students may interact on their own devices by going to the Nearpod website (https://join.nearpod.com) and entering the unique code. If the students don’t have devices, the teacher or counselor may interact with the lessons on behalf of the students via a TV or projector.

  1. To get started, hover on the module you wish to present and choose “Live Participation.” At this point, you may also add the Zoom option to your presentation.
  2. Next, have your students go to https://join.nearpod.com and enter the unique code. Or, if your students don’t have their own devices, go ahead and close the popup and begin the presentation.
Student Paced
  1. If you would like the students to go slide-by-slide on their own device, at their own pace, choose “Student Paced.”
  2. After that, have them go to https://join.nearpod.com and enter the unique code.
  3. Before sharing the code, be sure to turn on the option to “Require student response and prevent skipping” so that you can monitor their progress and report the scores. The links expire 29 days after the unique code is generated.